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SAP India

Shree Aerodynamic Products based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and founded on old-fashioned principles, customer service, quality, and trust. Company established with innovative concept with slogan "We Can -We Will" Our dedicated quality approach has enabled us to meet the demands of our reputed clients. We believe every innovation is output of dedication for quality consistency and devotion to improve product Performance.This makes Shree Aerodynamic Products to offers innovative customized user friendly, tailor-made hardware and software solution for upgrading regulatory demands. Backed by a team of professionals experts ensure our products to Compliance domestic/ international auditor necessitate.

Like a true characters, true quality also gets appreciation everywhere. NIF Presidential Award confirmed by former president of India, Dr. A P J. Abdul Kalam on 5th Jan, 2005 for innovative design & development of Acryl Butadiene Styrene Plastic Blower at National Innovation Foundation underscores this fact.

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Shree Aerodynamic Products Introducing NIYAMA Relative Humidity, Temperature, Differential Pressure, Absolute Pressure Modules equipped with NIYAMA Intranet software ...The beginning of a new era of HVAC Monitoring.

In collaboration with Arvonix Inc. USA, NIYAMA, a clean room monitoring system is designed especially "FOR" today's industrial environment monitoring requirements. Precision is the word that best describes 'NIYAMA' for the measurement of Temperature, Humidity and Differential pressure , Absolute Pressure and Dew Point conversion that forms the bases of HVAC for Pharmaceutical industry.

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NIYAMA hybrid system Transmitter Module

hybrid system Technology Niyama used Digital sensors are factory calibrated with international standard reference with plug and play technology Niyama hybrid AHU control system. Digital signals propagate more efficiently than analog signals, largely because digital impulses, which are well-defined and orderly, are easier for electronic circuits to distinguish from noise, which is chaotic. The main advantage of digital modes in communications. Computers talk and think in terms of binary or Hex digital data. while Niyama microprocessor can analyze digital data from sensors ,it transmit to PC for monitoring and it converted into analog for stand-alone control and communicate to sensors and PC in digital form for the monitoring on computer . Niyama hybrid system integrated with computer systems that monitor certain aspects and actually help to monitor and control the Clean room facility and HVAC system performance. The Temperature ,Relative Humidity and Differential Pressure sensors data transmission are in digital values, so the Niyama AHU System can monitor them. The digital NIYAMA Transmitter will give analog control signals to AHU control devices , to control analog systems such as the VFD , Actuators damper, etc. The AHU has both digital and analog components, it is hybrid system.